9th september

Surprise Raffle: Jack's Wet Dream ($125)

What is this keycap?

  • 100% handmade with resin.
  • Cherry keycaps' shape profiled.
  • MX style switches compatible.

How to join a raffle sale?

Filled up the form below. We'll pick winners through random number generator.

How do I know if I win?

You'll receive a Shopify invoice email if you've won the raffle. Good Luck!

What is the shipping rate?

We ship with DHL Express. Estimated shipping rate to the following countries:
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EU: $23±
Australia: $23±
China: $17±
Asean: $17±
Singapore: $17±

For Australian/ Singaporean, you may choose the proxy service. You'll only be charged by the proxy once they've gotten the monthly/bi-weekly consolidated parcels from us:
Aussie proxy: $7±
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